LibraryArima Public Library31 Pro Queen St., Arima
LibraryCarnegie Lending LibraryCorner Prince of Wales and Coffee Sts., San Fernando
LibraryChaguanas Public Library73 Ramsaran St., Chaguanas
LibraryCharlotteville Public LibraryCor. New and Church St., Charlotteville, Tobago
LibraryCouva Public LibraryCor. Railway Road and Grant Street Ext., Couva
LibraryMaloney Public Library1 Willet Avenue, Maloney
LibraryMayaro Public LibraryMayaro Community Centre, Plaisance Rd., Mayaro
LibraryMoruga Public LibraryBuilding No. 3, L’Anse Mitan Rd., Grand Chemin, Moruga
LibraryPoint Fortin Public LibraryNo.2 Cap-De-Ville Rd., Point Fortin
LibraryPort of Spain Public LibraryHart and Abercromby St., Port of Spain
LibraryRio Claro Public LibraryDe Verteuil Street, Rio Claro
LibraryRoxborough Public Library24A Bloody Bay Rd., Roxborough, Tobago
LibrarySangre Grande Public LibraryLP 1, Brieiley St., Sangre Grande
LibraryScarborough Public Library 
LibrarySiparia Public LibraryNo. 62 George St., Siparia
LibraryTunapuna Public LibraryCor. Freeling St. and Eastern Main Rd., Tunapuna
Primary SchoolAripo RCHeights of Aripo Village, via Arima
Primary SchoolBamboo Grove PresbyterianBamboo Settlement & #1, Valsayn
Primary SchoolBassetterre RC1790 Moruga Road, Basseterre, Moruga
Primary SchoolBrothers Presbyterian73 Garth Road, Williamsville
Primary SchoolCaratal RCGasparillo Road, Gasparillo
Primary SchoolChatham Government         Irois Forest, Chatham
Primary SchoolCumaca R.CPlantanal Road, Cumaca, via Valencia
Primary SchoolCumuto PresbyterianSt. Marie Emmanuel Rd, Caratal P.O. via S/Grande
Primary SchoolCunjal Government#214 Cunjal Main Road, Cunjal, Barrackpore, via Princes Town
Primary SchoolEckel Village ACGuaracara-Tabaquite Rd, Eckel Vge, Williamsville
Primary SchoolEnterprise GovernmentCedar Dr, Homeland Gardens, Chaguanas
Primary SchoolExchange PresbyterianBryce Street, Couva
Primary SchoolFishing Pond Presbyterian5 1/2 mm Fishing Pond Rd. Oropouche Road, via Sangre Grande
Primary SchoolGuaracara HinduGuaracara Junction, Guaracara P.O., Guaracara
Primary SchoolGuayaguayare RCWarrick Street, New Lands V’ge, Guayaguayare
Primary SchoolHarbargain GovernmentBuen Intento Road, Williamsville
Primary SchoolHarbargain RCSisters Road, Williamsville
Primary SchoolInverness PresbyterianPapouri Road, Barrackpore
Primary SchoolKanhai PresbyterianKanhai Road South, Barrackpore
Primary SchoolKubairsingh Penal Rock HinduPenal Post Office, Penal
Primary SchoolL’ Anse Noire MoravianL’Anse Noire Village, Toco
Primary SchoolLa Veronica RCLopinot Settlement, via Arouca
Primary Schoollcacos GovernmentIcacos, via Cedros
Primary SchoolMarabella Girls’ AC
(inclusive of Marabella Boys’ AC)
Southern Main Road, Marabella
(Colocated at St Paul AC)
Primary SchoolMarac BaptistMarac Village, Moruga
Primary SchoolMatelot Community RCPyke Street, Paria Main Road, Matelot
Primary SchoolMatura GovernmentToco Main Road, Matura
Primary SchoolMonkey Town Government#649 Papouri Road, Monkey Town, Barrackpore
Primary SchoolMorne Diable RCScott’s Road, Morne Diablo, via Penal
Primary SchoolMoruga RC2322 Grand CheminRoad, Moruga
Primary SchoolNorth Oropouche  RC Toco Road, Vega de Oropouche,  via Sangre Grande
Primary SchoolPenal Quinam GovernmentMendez Village, Siparia
Primary SchoolPrinces town Presbyterian No.1
(inclusive of Princes town Presbyterian No.1)
Edward Street, Princes Town
(Colocated; Princes town Presbyterian No.1)
Primary SchoolRamai Trace HinduRamai Trace, Debe Post Office, Debe
Primary SchoolReform PresbyterianReform Vge, Guaracara-Tabaquite Road,  Gasparillo
Primary SchoolSangre Grande SDAOjoe Road, Sangre Grande
Primary SchoolSanta Flora Government .Santa Flora Road, Erin Road, Santa Flora
Primary SchoolSeereeram   Memorial VedicOld Southern Main Rd., Montrose, Chaguanas
Primary SchoolSiparia Boys RC28, Mary Street, Siparia
Primary SchoolSouthern Central ACCoromandel Village, Cedros// P.O. Box 3221 Coromandel V’ge Southern Main Rd. via Point Fortin
(decanted to Chatham Govt. Primary School)
Primary SchoolSt. Mary’ Government960 Moruga Road St. Mary’s Village Moruga Road
Primary SchoolSt. Paul ACHarris Street, San Fernando
(Colocated; Marabella Boys’ AC & Marabella Girls’ AC)
Primary SchoolSt.Phillip’s GovernmentOld St. Joseph Road, Port of Spain
Primary SchoolTabaquite  PresbyterianTabaquite Main Rd, Tabaquite Post Office
Primary SchoolTableland Ac#26 Swamber Trace, Tableland Post Office
Primary SchoolTortuga Government312 Mayo Rd., Tortuga Village, via Couva
Primary SchoolUpper Cumuto GovernmentMain Road, Cumuto
Transport HubChaguanas HubChaguanas Main Road, Chaguanas
Transport HubCurepePriority Bus Route, Curepe Junction 
Transport HubPoint Fortin HubNewlands, Point Fortin
Transport HubPort of Spain – South Quay Hub#60 South Quay Railway Buildings Port of Spain
Transport HubSan Fernando Administration Hub /Passenger Lobby/DCS HubKings Wharf, San Fernando
Transport HubSangre Grande HubBrierly Street, Sangre Grande
Transport HubTrinidad & Tobago Inter-island Transportation Co. Ltd. – passenger waiting areaWrightson Road Port os Spain
Transport HubTrinidad & Tobago Inter-island Transportation Co. Ltd. – passenger waiting areaScarborough Tobago
Transport HubWater Taxi Service Terminal Port of Spain 1 Wrightson Road, Port of Spain
Transport HubWater Taxi Service Terminal San Fernando  Lady Hailes Avenue, Flat Rock, San Fernando
LibraryMt Hope/Mt Lambert Community LibraryMt Hope/Mt Lambert Community Centre, Community Drive, Riverside Ave, San Juan​
LibraryBeetham Community LibraryIATF Building, Main Street, Beetham Gardens, Port of Spain
LibraryBarataria Community LibrarySixth Avenue, Barataria
LibraryDebe Public Library1054 S.S. Erin Road, Debe
LibraryPrinces Town Public Library2A St James St, Princes Town
LibrarySt. Helena Public LibraryMohepat Trace, St. Helena, Piarco
LibrarySt. James Public Library31 Church Street, St. James
Transport HubArima – outdoor installationOpposite Ridgewood Plaza
Transport HubTunapuna – renovatingPriority Bus Route, Corner Pasea Main Road Tunapuna
Primary SchoolJubilee PresbyterianJubilee Street, Guaico Tamana P.O., via Sangre Grande
Health InstitutionMoruga Health CentreLanse Mitan, Moruga
Health InstitutionCedros Health CentreSt. Marie Street, Bonasse
Health InstitutionGranville Health CentreSyfo Rd., Granville
Health InstitutionDelaford Health CentreWindward Road, Delaford
Health InstitutionRio Claro Health CentreCorner De Verteuil and Dougdeen Street, Rio Claro
Health InstitutionFlanagin Town Health CentreMain Rd., Flanagin Town
Health InstitutionBrothers Road Health CentreTorrib Road, Tabaquite
Health InstitutionMoriah Health CentreNorthside Road, Moriah
Health InstitutionPembroke Health CentreTodd St., Windward Road, Pembroke
Health InstitutionChaguanas District Health Facility & Chaguanas Health CentreMain Road, Chaguanas(includes Chag Health Centre)
Health InstitutionCanaan Health Centre & Walk-In-ClinicGuy Street, Canaan
Health InstitutionSangre Grande Enhanced Health CentreOjoe Road, Sangre Grande
Health InstitutionSanta Cruz Health CentreSaddle Road, San Juan
Health InstitutionEl Socorro Health CentreEl Socorro Road, San Juan
Health InstitutionSt. Helena Health Centre North Bank Road, St. Helena
Health InstitutionUpper Laventille Health CentreUpper Laventille, East Dry River
Health InstitutionMayaro District Health FacilityPierreville, Mayaro
Health InstitutionPleasantville Health CentreChaconia Avenue & Prince Albert St., Pleasantville
Health InstitutionTodd’s Road Health CentreFlecher Road., Todds Road
Health InstitutionSiparia District Health FacilityCorner High Street and Grell Street, Siparia
Health InstitutionIcacos Health Centre Main Rd., Icacos
Health InstitutionPalo Seco Health CentreMain Rd., Palo Seco
Health InstitutionGuayaguayare Health CentreGuayaguayare Road,Guayaguayare
Health InstitutionMaracas/St Joseph Health CentreSanta Barbara Rd, Maracas, St Joseph
Health InstitutionChatham Health CentreMain Road, Belle View