Mr. Miguel Reyes

Deputy Legal Adviser at the Secretariat of Foreign Relations of Mexico
  • National Autonomous University of Mexico, Law Degree.
  • University of Houston Law Center, Master of Laws Degree (International Law
  • Mr. Reyes has worked at Mexico’s Secretariat of Foreign Relations for 17+ years. He is a member of the Mexican Foreign Service since 2012.
  • He is one of the lead attorneys in the legal actions filed by Mexico before international and foreign courts, in order to prevent and stop illicit traffic of firearms.
  • Previous posts:
    1. 2005-2012: Office of the Legal Adviser (Sections: Treaties, Private
    International Law and Public International Law).
    2. 2012-2013: Consul of Mexico for Border Affairs in El Paso, Texas, USA.
    3. 2013-2014: Consul of Mexico for Protection to Mexican Nationals in
    Houston, Texas, USA.
    4. 2014-2018: Office of the Legal Adviser (Section: International Litigation)
    5. 2018-2022: Central Authority of Mexico for international child abduction
    and international adoptions treaties.